Deep tissue massage Bristol

My approach

All treatments are designed with a holistic style. This involves looking and listening to the whole person, by hearing what you are saying and seeing how your body is responding.

There is no set routine as each massage is tailored to how you are feeling that day and what you need. I will use different techniques, which can be slow and deep, fast and flowing, mobilisations and stretching, or grounding holds.

You don’t have to know which style of massage to choose. Simply think about how you would like to feel at the the end of the treatment and I will adjust my technique to align with your needs.

Holistic full body massage benefits

Massage styles


Deep Tissue


Indian Head


What to expect


Please try to arrive on time. I may be with another client, and want you to get the most out of your experience.


It may take up to ten minutes in your first session to do a lifestyle and medical consultation. This is so I can get a full picture of how you’re feeling and how I can best help you. We’ll come up with a plan together.

Subsequent appointments will not need as much consultation and will entail more hands-on time.

Before we start

You can undress as far as you feel comfortable. Most people undress to their underwear. You will always be covered by a drape apart from the area I am working on.

I’ll leave the room when you’re changing and will knock to check it’s okay before coming back in.

During the treatment

I want you to get the most out of your session. So if you need more or less pressure for example, say, and I will check in with you. You are welcome to talk if you need, but remember to breathe and enjoy the time for yourself.

Afterwards and aftercare

I’ll leave you to get changed and will knock to check it’s okay to come back in. I’ll also fetch you a glass of water.

We’ll discuss the treatment and how you feel; you are welcome to share anything you need. I may give you aftercare advice, such as stretches. You’ll then leave reset and ready for the rest of the day.