Massage Kingswood Hannam Brislington

“Alice has this wonderful way of  bringing relaxation but easing tension and pain at the same time. She is very good at adapting pressure depending on how you are feeling on the day. Her approach is holistic which I love and she tailors the massage based on your physical and wellbeing needs. The environment is very relaxing and coupled with Alice’s calm and friendly nature you will feel at ease from the very beginning.”


“I have had about four treatments from Alice — each one tailored to exactly what I need that day. Her touch is amazingly strong for such a slight lady but also very gentle where it is needed. She’s helped me with a very sore right shoulder — bringing relaxation where there was tension, and easing the pain I was experiencing. Plus, she’s completely lovely! I would highly recommend Alice to anyone (and often do!)”


Best mobile therapy

“Alice's massages are absolutely brilliant! She knows exactly how to adapt her style to any particular areas that need attention and I always leave feeling rejuvenated. Having been to many masseurs in the past, I love the fact that Alice doesn't stick to one routine but changes her focus depending on how I'm feeling and just goes with the flow! I always really look forward to her massages.”


“I was bought my first massage with Alice as a Christmas present and I have become a regular client ever since. As someone who does sport on a regular basis her knowledge and experience has helped me enormously. She is extremely professional and has such a calmness about her that it allows you to relax and relieve stress. I would genuinely recommend her to anyone!”


Mindfulness and wellbeing

“Alice has an incredible way of making you feel at ease and relaxed right from the start. Each treatment I have had with Alice has been uniquely tailored to my needs that week. She seems to have a way of putting me back together and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”